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This bid has been awarded to CMR Consulting Inc..

The Commission is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to advise and assist with the development of a Corporate Sustainability Strategy.

Download Corporate Sustainability Strategy Advisory Services Description


The Commission is soliciting proposals from qualified individuals or firms to advise and assist with the development of a Corporate Sustainability Strategy (“Strategy”). The Commission defines corporate sustainability as the reconciliation and integration of governance, social and environmental considerations into the culture, values, and business practices of the organization. The Strategy will outline the approach for practising corporate sustainability along with clear objectives and realistic commitments to deliver on these objectives over the next five years. Developing the Strategy is a foundational component of the Corporate Sustainability Strategic Initiative included in the Commission’s Strategic Plan.

Questions and Answers

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Yes, final deliverables will be due by the end of February or sooner.

It can include desktop, but should not be solely a desktop exercise.

This statement does not need to be notarized but should extend to all service providers to the Commission, We simply want to ensure there are no conflicts of interest, and that this is understood by our contractors.


No. Only relevant Q&A will be published and any personal information will be omitted or modified for clarity.

If you choose to include appendices beyond the page limit specified in the RFP, information or data contained in those appendices may not be reviewed and will not affect the scoring process.


There are no Amendments at this time.

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