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The Commission is seeking Quotations from qualified resellers of the networking hardware listed in the attached document.

Download Invitation to Quote for Network Hardware - Updated Summary 20200302 Description


The quotation will be reviewed to determine whether the mandatory technical requirements are met as noted. The evaluation of price will be undertaken after all requirements have been met. Based on the results a top-ranked Respondent will be identified and notified in writing. Additional consideration will be given to vendors that can provide delivery before March 31, 2021. We are open to alternate brands of switches to these listed below assuming equivalent or better functionality.


Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about this posting, please email

  • Do you require the Network advantage or the Network Essential version, they you listed both versions on this request?

    Network Essential version.

  • Also (sic) for the A3, you have listed the data only option in the description but on the switch, you also listed the PoE version.

    All switches should be PoE.

  • Currently on your ITQ , you have asked half of CAB-TA-NA and half CAB-C15-CBN. Are you plugging into two different power sources? Also are you able to please confirm quantities.

    Yes, there are 2 power sources and we are seeking a qty of 2 each as specified.

Competition ID: ITQ21121003