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This bid has been awarded to the following companies:
  • DFA Contracting Ltd
  • Resolve Energy Solutions
  • DW Compression Services Ltd
  • Windward Resources Ltd.
  • Terminis Downhole Services
  • North Country Projects Ltd.

The Commission seeks to establish Standing Offers with contractor(s) to provide services in support of restoration services at orphan sites.

Download Orphan Site Management - Decommissioning Services Description


The objective of this Request for Standing Offer is to establish a Standing Offer agreement with the successful contractor(s) to provide services as needed in support of well abandonment, and site deactivation and decommissioning work at orphan sites. Proponents are able to submit a proposal for one or more of the following service areas:

  1. Well Abandonment
    1. Provision of service to complete well-bore downhole plugging and surface abandonment, including project management, service rig, wireline, cementing, logging, and/or associated notifications and reporting.
  1. Site Deactivation and Decommissioning
    1. Deactivate site equipment and drain vessels. Pig and purge pipeline segments, isolate from well head and blind.
    2. Oversee heavy equipment and hauling services to remove deactivated equipment from the site for disposal or salvage, and complete pipeline abandonment (cut and cap below grade).
  1. Wellsite and Suspended Well Inspections
    1. Inspection, testing, and repair of wellhead and site equipment, including SCV assembly, fittings, and seals

Specifics on which services can be provided within the area/s should be clearly outlined.

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about this posting, please email

Commonly, annual decommissioning program values range from $1-2 million. We are anticipating more than a $1.5 million decommissioning budget for FY2022/23. Multiple vendors will be awarded Standing Offers and contracts.

We are currently in the midst of finalizing our programs for this coming fiscal. Anticipated areas of focus for deactivation and decommissioning programs are Ladyfern, Woodrush, Kotcho Lake, and the Peace Region.

As mentioned above we are yet to finalize our site lists, but successful proponents will be provided lists for scoping, estimate, and execution. Programs typically have a mix of site types (batteries, compressors, etc.), some require more extensive decommissioning with significant facilities on site, others are predominantly well sites with piping only. Lists of orphan sites that are not decommissioned can be found on our webpage; however, this is not a definitive list of sites where work will be executed:

Yes, we typically execute both summer and winter programs in any given fiscal year. Approximately half of the expected sites for upcoming work are winter access.

Performance, changes to pricelist at renewal, and resource needs (budget impacts may reduce the number of contractors required for future years) may all factor in renewal decisions.

Programs are discussed with approved vendors in April/May with conformation of summer programs and execution of contracts shortly after, whereas winter programs may be scoped in the summer/fall. Award of contracts may depend on availability of the contractor’s crews, among other factors. It is our expectation that proponents provide a typical response time and considerations for mobilizing crews following award of work.

Contractors selected for a program will be consulted on available resources and expected timelines then asked to provide an estimate to complete the work detailed on the site and scope list provided to them. In some instances approved vendors may be asked to submit competitive bids for programs.


There are no Amendments at this time.

Competition ID: RFSO70023001